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  • The Baby Tee – 20 years later

    20 years ago I lived in baby tees and low rise jeans!! Not ready to go back to low rise jeans, like EVER, but the Baby Tee was something I always loved. So when I started to see these pop up in stores I got really excited. Until I tried them on…..

    Old Navy’s Baby Tee

    This was so cute on the hanger. 20 years and 3 kid later, I left this one in the store dressing room. It is way more suitable for my 14 year old’s young belly than mine. For two reasons, first the fabric content is more polyester and rayon than anything else, which means sweat and let me put this frankly, Boob sweat. PERIOD.

    Second, the fit is snug and I knew that. I underestimated the snugness and the fact that the fabric was tissue thin. Not for my momma belly.

    Soooooo, I left defeated. Until, several days later when I was in a different store and Voila a Baby Tee that I could get into!!!

    Lululemon’s Baby Tee

    Now, l know what you are thinking: Ericka! Wait. You went from Old Navy to Lululemon in under 60…

    Yes. Yes I did. I like a bargain. I also like quality. And sometimes bargains and quality are synonymous, other times they are not. So we step it up a notch…I give you the “Baby Tee,” that came home with me!!!

    This tee is cropped and more boxy of a fit than a snug fitting one, and the cotton content is great! There is a little spandex for stretch, and not only can it be worn casually this summer with shorts and a denim skirt, it is athleisure and workout ready!

    Prepare to see this baby a lot over the summer months, it is for sure a new staple.

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    Thanks so much for checking out The Style Chron!!


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