• 5 Friday Faves – 5/13/22
  • 5 Friday Faves – 5/13/22

    Hey there!! Welcome back to The Style Chron’s Weekly “5 Friday Faves!” These are our Top 5 most liked, talked about and favorited fashion & style items on the blog, Instagram & YouTube.

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    Racerbacks are such great Summer Must Haves!! They are perfect for hot days when you don’t feel like wearing clothes! True Story – this happens a lot in Houston, where it is too hot for sanity. I prefer a ribbed knit tank, it’s weight and texture create a dressier, chicer look. It also helps to conceal, smooth and elongate any tummy issues. It looks great tucked in under a blazer or worn untucked with a skirt. Just remember that if you wear a racerback tank —- you need a racerback bra. Wear this tank —with this bra!! You can pick up these staples for great price points everywhere.


    This liquid lipstick in the shade Baby Girl, is such a unique color. It’s a coral. Not red or orange or even pink really, like a good bright mix of all three.

    The texture is very comfortable and can be layered with a gloss for a more moisturized or shiny effect. It is long wearing and stays in place all day. Unless your eating olive oil and saucy dishes, your good to go. You can pick it up here.


    Wedges are really the shoes of summer. They can be dressed up or down and they add a touch of summer and chicness to everything you pair them with.

    The styles available change each season according to trends. So you should really take stock of the condition and style and update anything that is worn out or stale. For this reason, I love Target wedges. You can update your wardrobe for a great price and not feel guilty for the ever-changing wedge. This year’s wedge is a little raffia, a little cork and linen creation. You can get it here.


    Another great Summer Must Have are short sleeve tee shirts. Cotton tee shirts breathe incredibly well, keeping you cool and comfortable. This tee is styled uniquely with rolled sleeves and a slight boxy fit. I like to pick these up in different colors. Once you have a great black and white option, shop for some interesting colors, like this tan shade to keep things interesting. Always size up when purchasing tees, they will shrink over time!

    5. LASHES

    Have you ever heard the saying, “Eyes are the windows to the souls??” It’s so true!! Cheesy, but true!

    If Eyes are windows, then lashes are the curtains! And yes, eyebrows are the valances!! Can you tell I am a 90’s kid!?! That is how we dressed windows!!!

    For real though, lashes are life, and I wear a pair EVERY SINGLE DAY! The more you apply them the faster you get and the more precise they are. I have an arsenal and try new ones all the time, but I keep coming back to these!! They are just what I like. I mean, if I am going to wear lashes, I want them to be seen!!

    These are great affordable lashes, that I get multiple (10+) wears out of. I clean them every time I take them off with a little spritz of alcohol and place them on their plastic backing so they do not loose shape.


    Thanks so much for visiting, I hope you enjoyed this weeks Friday faves!! Check back each Friday for new finds and must haves! And do not forget to check out last Friday’s Faves here.

    XOXO, E

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