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  • Spring 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

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    White Denim Jacket + White Jeans + Tank + White Mules + Neutral Handbag

    Welcome to my 1st Capsule Wardrobe! I am so excited to bring you this for Spring 2020. Styling pieces in different ways is so much fun! Do you ever find yourself with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear??

    What is a Capsule Wardrobe?? It is a collection of pieces, that you mix and match to create different looks. You can adhere to the capsule completely and not add anything for the entire season or you can use the capsule and add pieces through out the season. Today, I will begin wearing these exact pieces and styling them for you for the next 30 days!

    I began working on a Capsule for Spring late February, and it quickly became something more. I wanted to create something that would inspire you, something that would make you comfortable and confident. Then it became about keeping me grounded!! Suddenly, my kids Spring Break was extended. I was hunting for toilet paper, sanitizer and stockpiling food. Then, all of Houston was told to stay home and “flatten the curve.” Things went from carefree to OH SHIT in under a week! While the world outside flashes by, I find myself holding onto my routine now more than ever. My need to get up and get dressed, to face the day. These are the things that make me feel good, they help me to be present. I love getting dressed and feeling good in what I wear. Styling pieces is why I started Youtube, Instagram and this Blog.

    The best part is, these are all pieces that I promise you we all already own. I shopped my closet for these ya’ll! Nothing, is something I ordered specifically for this Capsule!! During this time of uncertainty, when so many people are wondering what will happen next, the last thing we need to do is shop for clothes! So I encourage you to SHOP YOUR CLOSET!! Recreate these looks with items that you already have and love! Substitute pieces where needed and follow along. I will post outfits here bi-weekly and through Instagram daily. Tag me, (#thestylechron) so I can see your outfits on Insta!

    Below, is the info graphic and the Closet Shopping List. SAVE these and PRINT them so that you can refer to them when building your capsule.

    Save this Image and Print!!

    Closet Shopping List!!!!

    Save this pic and Print!!







    I will be sharing the Outfit Formula, Template with the pieces and the actual outfit on myself. Outfit Formula’s are how I build my outfits, most of the things that I wear can be traced back to a formula in my head, just like this.

    I do hope that this inspires you to get dressed even in uncertain times, that you find some joy of putting yourself together everyday. It might be the only time you have to yourself all day, and it might also be the calmest part of your day!!!I am off to homeschool my littles!! Hoping you are all doing well!!




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